The Truth behind the History of Military Coins as Revealed by

Truth can sometimes be vague especially when the subject has taken place hundreds of years ago. And let’s admit it; people can tweak the exactness of the topic with the tap of the keyboard. But not with, the true history of challenge coins will be revealed to you as is. So basically, the truth with the history of these coins is long-winded and distorted through the years. But rest assured that they are accounted for its traditional connection to military units’ identification.

Diving into the Real Historical Background of Medallions

Without the presence of exact facts as well as some conflicting histories posted on the internet, will give you a closer idea on where these coins really came from. The true legend of challenge coins is inspired by a young company-grade officer in America whose name hasn’t been remembered in any written account.


The young officer took flight during a war in 1917 and unfortunately suffered an aircraft crash. After that, the American officer woke up in an enemy’s territory and was scheduled for an execution that day.

But before they put him in the execution area, the officer told his executioners that he is an American officer and not a spy. After hearing his claims, the execution officer asked for a proof of his identification. Luckily, the young officer remembered the medallion that his lieutenant gave him before the battle. He showed it to the executioner and decided to validate the coin before taking the claims of the officer as the truth. With the involved officers’ confirmation, the young official was saved from his execution.

Current Practice of Military Challenge Coins

If you haven’t heard of the coin challenge yet, you need to check out and see how it works. But if you’re dying to know about it right now, then you’ll get what you want. The traditional practice started in the early days of US military members. Anyways, the challenge involves presenting the coin and facing the consequences. For a clear picture of what is being explained to you, here are the guidelines of the traditional coin challenge people practice up until now:

  • You need to have a coin in order to participate in the challenge.
  • If you are given a coin, be sure to understand its purpose and rules before accepting it.
  • It’s a must to carry the coin with you no matter where you go because coin challenges can happen anytime, anywhere.
  • If you’re being challenged, present your coin or else you will face certain consequences. Penalties will be given to you accordingly.
  • Failing to present your challenge coin will oblige you to buy drinks for the challenger and other involved coin bearers.
  • If the person/s being challenged were able to produce their coins, the challenger will be the one to buy them drinks.
  • It’s important to note that once you carry a coin with you, you cannot evade a challenge or lend a coin from someone if you cannot produce one during a challenge.
  • Members of the squadron can appeal to additional rules provided that the rules have restrictive nature.
  • Never lose your coin. But due to inevitable reasons, lost coins will have to be replaced suitably.
  • Every rule written in the coin challenge manual must apply to all bearers and involved parties.Military_Coins

So now that you are aware of the rules you need to understand and follow, you can now use your coin anytime and anywhere. Always be vigilant when it comes to coin challenges. Be smart in presenting your coin and carry it with pride. You can also decide to collect coins if you want to keep certain memorabilia during the highlight years of the American military history. With the main goal of military coins, you can help in boosting morale of the people while taking pride in wearing them in your uniform. Check out and witness wide selection of custom challenge coins you can add to your collection.

Custom military coins have been used in the past and are now still used for certain purposes. If you want to make the most of this practice, all you need to do is be familiar with the flow and know the people who are also carrying coins. If you currently need a reliable coin manufacturer available online, you can always check this site and see updates about the trending challenge coins in the present time. Happy coin challenging with your colleagues!

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