Episode #33: Finding Your Zone and Planting Seeds Indoors

Finding Your Planting Zone and Starting Seeds Indoors

It’s time to gear up for spring but as much fun as that sounds, we really must have a plan. Your plan will be much more successful if you know your planting zone, and when to plant specific seeds.

In this episode, I share about finding your zone, what to plant in your area, and how to get it all started by planting your seeds indoors. She includes information such as planting mediums, containers, and other information you won’t want to miss.

Links to my articles mentioned this episode:
Finding Your Planting Zone (blog post)
Sowing Seeds Indoors
A great, easy-to-make seed starting mix using perlite and vermiculite by Your Gardening Friend

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Latest issue of From Scratch Magazine – don’t forget to read my article on pages 54-56!
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Build a Light Hut
Germination Station (Amazon affiliate link)
USDA Hardiness Zone Finder
Mother Earth News “What to Plant Now”
72 Pellet Planting Flat with Peat Pellets (Amazon affiliate link – This one is similar to the Jiffy planting flat that I mentioned, but it looks like Amazon isn’t carrying that one anymore.)
Peat Pellets (Amazon affiliate link)

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