Episode #38: Less Media, More Homesteading

Media Consumption and Your Homestead - The Mind to Homestead

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I always say that homesteading is a heady prospect, and what I mean by that is that it can be overwhelming to say the least. What starts out as a hobby becomes a lifestyle as we sink more money and time into our homestead.

In this episode, I share about my own struggles with media consumption and how we can all make some changes to benefit our homesteads in the future.

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Media Consciousness Blog Post at The Mind to Homestead (with free Media Consumption Worksheet PDF)

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    I’ll have to listen to this later today on my break time. Less media- I like that – when we moved on our farm we decided no cable – that was huge step in the right direction and 4 years later nobody misses it. The laptop though – turning it off after I finish in the morning really helps to keep me focused on being productive and enjoying life. I often think if I added up all my media hours I would be disappointed by thinking what I could of done with all that time.
    Have a Great day! Carole at GardenUp green

    • says

      I have found myself moving away from my computer more often as well, in favor of taking care of my homesteading tasks. I love to be productive and being productive on my homestead is one of my very favorite feelings! Good points made, and good job on your unplugging progress. It’s hard as a blogger to do that, isn’t it? But oh, so rewarding!

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    I love this one, too! My husband and I are right there with you. Our next step is ditching our smart phones. We are waiting for our contract to expire so we aren’t slapped with cancellation fees, then it’s home free, baby!

  3. says

    I hear you.
    The first thing I want to say is that my husband and I do several podcasts about TV shows. My husband grew up with the TV babysitter, something so easy to fall into as we became a married couple 33 years ago.
    Our homesteading is confined to a good sized garden, taking part in a CSA and preserving all of it. I feel pretty good about serving home frozen, canned and dried fruits and veggies all winter. I have pushed to do all of our own starter plants for this season.
    Pinterest is a huge time suck for me. I decided to start a blog about the things I am making that I found on Pinterest. The writing part is not quite there yet but I have been doing and making lots of hate and scarves. My most recent try is decorating mugs with Sharpies.
    This year I turn 55. The local university offers classes for audit to us senior citizens for a nominal cost (parking will cost more). I decided that I want to take some Physics and Astronomy classes. My math skills are rather rusty, somehow I have let my algebra and calculus skills acquire cobwebs. I’m self studying my way into the classes right now, not online.
    On another note I had not realized how glued we can get to the little screens. My daughter came home for Spring Break and I was amazed that I never saw her without her smart phone. She watched TV while FaceTimeing her girlfriend about the show. She is coming home to finish college and while on a campus tour, she was texting her boyfriend the whole time. I guess I know why I was there.
    I suppose it does not help that my son works for big box computer store doing repairs. He bought himself a Pebble so now all of his notifications are right on his wrist!
    Changes for our whole family are coming.

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      Yep, it seems to be going that way, doesn’t it, Karen? I mean—we do so much on our computers. I think the key is to realize what our ‘time suck’ sites are online and regulate those things. Obviously, if we are paying our bills online, we need to do that! LOL But seriously, there are other things like writing a blog, keeping in touch with our friends and family members, taking classes, and other things that are meaningful uses of our time and are even part of our homesteading experiences. I think it’s great that you are looking into taking classes and that you are blogging—those are things that add value to yourself and others! Thanks for you comment!

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