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How to Use Pantothenic Acid Acne to Get a Healthy Skin

Introduction and general guideline for beginner

Vitamin B5 has known as one of effective way for acne treatment. It can be found in many sources of foods, such as broccoli, cabbage and salmon. This vitamin will synthesize Coenzyme A (CoA) that consists of pantothenic acid, cysteine and adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Later on CoA act to metabolize fats in our body, especially to reduce the oil glands, hence help us to prevent acne.

This introduction gives your basic information of the source of pantothenic acid acne, such as the dose, and face treatment tips to combine the dietary in order to get a maximum result.

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  1. Source of pantothenic acid

There are abundant food source of Vitamin B5, such as egg, milk, cabbage, salmon and broccoli. Some people in food allergic condition may have another supplement options like in capsule or powder. It could be found in pharmacy store in various types of packages. As it is water soluble vitamin, the excess amount of dose thrown away naturally through urination process.

Combination of a healthy diet and vitamin B5 supplement may give you a better result. Less fatty food reduce the amount of fat source inside your body, thus you only need less amount of CoA to process it. Regular exercise become will help also to reduce your fat. Hence the good combination of a healthy diet, frequent exercise and support from pantothenic acid acne supplement will balance the fat metabolism, hence reducing the risk of acne breakout.

  1. Dosage and general usage

Each person has their own body weight and size that makes the overall dose effectiveness is different for each person. High level of deficiency may need 12 grams a day while for a daily use it might need only 4 grams a day. Drink it 4 times a day in one gram each time; once in the morning, two times in the afternoon and last one in the evening. Drink it after meal period with a glass of water prevent a possible cause effect such a stomach irritation.

The recommended dose is from 4 grams up to 12 grams, means if the 4 grams does not work, then you might increase it until 12 grams only. It is recommended to have B-50 complex because excessive vitamin B5 might deplete other component of vitamin B.

  1. Consume less fat food

Excessive fat inside your body will required more doses to metabolize it. So in order to have a faster result, you need to combine the pantothenic acid treatment with reduction of fat source food. It is recommended to reduce fat source food and replace it with vegetable or fruits.

Reduction of fatty food inside your body will help to control oil secretion. Less secretion of oil help to shrink the pore and oil gland, thus gives a faster acne reduction. In the stage of puberty where your body diverts more hormone to produce acne, consume less fat food and drink pantothenic acid supplement will help you to control it. Other conditions such as stress might triggered more hormone to produce excessive oil might also triggered acne breakout and hence need to have this kind of treatment too.

  1. Do a face treatment in a parallel

As pantothenic acid may help you from inside to reduce the excess oil that preventing acne, you also need to work to keep your face clean in such a way to prevent any unwanted bacteria. Wash your face regularly to clean up from a dead cell, using apricot or walnut scrub is better.

Use a toner and moisturizer might be good options too. If you need to have extensive outdoor activity, sunscreen might help you to prevent acne outbreak. And one more thing, clean up your make up properly.