Peppermint and a Free Printable Herb Monograph PDF {Herbal Primer}

Mint is a fantastic and prolific herb. Once you plant it, you’ve got it for life, especially if you don’t contain it in one specific area. It wants to grow wild, which is fabulous if you love mint and know how to use it. I’ve written quite a few posts on using mint but I have never provided a monograph page for your materia medica, which is my aim today, as well as providing you with links to my mint posts to get you started with using this glorious herb!

Free Printable Peppermint Monograph Page - The Mind to Homestead

A monograph is a fantastic little page of information that is available at your fingertips in the event of minor injury or illness. A page like this will give you all of the pertinent information that you need to put your herbs to work when it’s most needed. Often kept in notebooks (a materia medica or herbal notebook), these pages can make the difference in whether you reach for a plastic bottle or something from your herbal medicine cabinet.

If you’ve never grown or used mint before, here are a few blog posts I’ve written to get you thinking about how you might use this wonderful herb in your home, on your homestead, and for your good health.

Growing, Harvesting, and Using Mint
5 Herbs to Use Around Your House and Homestead
Catnip-Mint Tea

For more information about putting together your own materia medica, see the following post and podcast episode:
Building A Materia Medica (Herbal Notebook)
Episode #32: Making an Herbal Notebook (at Survival Mom Radio Network)


Download (PDF, 63KB)


If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of herbs, click over to the Herbal Academy of New England and sign up for their Intermediate Herbal Course (click course photo below). It’s been fabulous for me, and I’ve learned quite a lot in the past months. I highly recommend it! Also, I’d like to invite you to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss any of my new Herbal Primer series, where I will be sharing all about the herbs, and recipes you can make with them.

online-intermediate-herbal-course Identifying Dandelion {Herbal Primer Series} - The Mind to Homestead
NOTE: The Herbal Course link is an affiliate link, and if you click on it and purchase the course for yourself, I make a few dollars from it, all of which go to the production of this blog and its content. Thank you in advance for your support.
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      Thanks Karen! I love mint too, and with it being so prolific and all, it’s a must to know all I can about how to use it! Thanks for stopping by!

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      Wow, that’s so interesting, Tara! I’ll have to do a little study on the benefits of mint on the thyroid–thanks for sharing that!

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