Giveaway: Plant Propagation for Profit Set

Are you interested in plant propagation for profit? This month I am privileged to share with you an unconventional sort of giveaway, but one that I truly believe can benefit any homesteader willing to put in the work involved to start their own backyard nursery.

Start a Plant Propagation Business

Part of being a homesteader is practicing self-sufficiency, and often that means making our homesteads work for us in more ways than just producing what we eat. Sometimes it means that we will seek ways to multiply our funds through starting a small business. If we are going to be doing something anyway, why not sell some of our extra products?

This is where Mike McGroarty comes in.

Mike McGroarty is owner of Mike McGroarty Enterprises and runs, a website chock full of fantastic and free gardening information. A plant propagator of 35 years, Mike has plenty of knowledge and expertise to match those years. He runs his own successful backyard nursery business at his home in Ohio, and has taken the time to share with us his methods and techniques for doing the same. A few months ago, I was given the opportunity to check out his teaching materials.

Small Plants, Big Profits from Home DVD and Handbook

Both of these items are a wellspring of useful information. The DVD runs about an hour and a half in length, with Mike going through details of the cutting, sprouting, transplanting and selling of his propagated plants. Mike shares freely all of his own business strategies as if he is sharing with a friend in his own back yard. His down-to-earth way of explaining things in layman’s terms makes the process easy to understand and sound doable.

The book is a well-ordered reference of all that Mike shared in the DVD, with much more information not covered in the DVD. While plain in its design, it is a book that can be used for years to come due to its comprehensive collection of useful information on both ends of the plant propagation business spectrum.

Mike McGroarty Plant Propagation DVD

Screenshot of Mike from Small Plants, Big Profits DVD

I should mention that while the audio on the DVD is fine where Mike’s instruction is concerned, there is a lot of extra background noise due to the fact that it was shot outdoors–which is totally understandable. It was a little distracting at first, but as I got more interested in Mike’s instruction, the extra noise didn’t divert my attention any longer.

Overall, I enjoyed the DVD and have already learned quite a bit of the basic information needed to learn plant propagation. Even if I do not choose to start a plant propagating business, I will be referring back to both the DVD and book as I seek to educate myself in the area of plant propagation.

Easy Plant Propagation Book

This book is one that is great for both the person seeking to go into the plant propagation business, and she who is just wanting to learn for her own homestead. Mike covers all of the basics from building a basic homemade plant propagation system, to all the different cuttings that can be achieved, to grafting and budding. This small book is a quick read, and includes all you need to know to get started in the world of plant propagation. This book is surely a reference guide that can be used for mastering this old and timeless art.

Would You to Get Started with Plant Propagation for Profit?

Mike and his son Duston have graciously agreed to allow me to give one free set of these resources to you. The set includes the Small Plants, Big Profits from Home Book and DVD set, as well as a digital copy of Mike’s Easy Plant Propagation book. Enter below!

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Don’t want to wait? Click here to purchase Small Plant, Big Profits from Home directly from Mike’s website or Easy Plant Propagation from

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