Ten Things to Bring Home with Your New Rabbit {Podcast}

Top 10 Things to Bring Home with Your New Rabbit - The Mind to Homestead

Bringing home a new pet is always exciting—the prospect of what this new friendship will be like, and the fun and mutual companionship that you will enjoy together.

In this episode, I share the 10 most important things to bring home along with your new rabbit so you have all you need to care for your new friend, and so that you two can get on with the business of fun!

Links mentioned:

Upcycling Your Old Socks Into Hand Warmers
Garlic, A Natural Superfood
10 Tips for Storing Water for An Emergency
Safe Foods for Your Rabbits
Minnesota Rabbit Society (more first aid kit ideas)
DIY Gravity Feeder (in case you are going out of town)

Affiliate Links:

Rabbit Hutch and Cage
Feed/water crocks or bowls, Lixit bottles, pet waterers (what we use)
Timothy Hay
Pine Shavings for Bedding
Toys (chewable blocks, balls)
Nail Clippers
Rabbit Brush
First aid items: VetRX, Vetericyn, Styptic Powder, Syringe

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  1. Judy E says

    Thanks for the article! My d-i-l has asked if she can have a rabbit at my house, so we are reading and learning as much as possible before we get moved and set up for a rabbit, and hopefully a few chickens.
    Do you keep your rabbits in the same pen as your chickens? I’ll keep reading your past articles, and will see what I can learn! We will hopefully be set up by the end of the year!
    Thanks, Judy E

    • says

      Hi Judy! No, I sure don’t. My chickens and rabbits didn’t grow up together, and my chickens are a bit territorial over their space and they will peck at the rabbits. I used to be able to let them hang out together, but not so much now.

      I also have a site called Natural Rabbit Care that you can follow, if you are interested. Over there it’s all rabbits, all the time. :)

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