Upcycle Your Old Socks Into Hand Warmers

While winter hasn’t been all that cold here in California this year, I still like to bundle up a little when I head out to do my chores. I love to use hand/arm warmers on chilly mornings, but sometimes my crocheted warmers are a bit too warm, and a little more bulky than I’d like. Learning that I could be using my worn out socks to keep my hands, wrists and arms warm during early morning chores has been a huge time saver (no need to crochet multiple pairs of arm warmers), and made room in my sock drawer for much more comfortable socks.

Upcycle Your Old Socks into Handwarmers - The Mind to Homestead

Finding ways to meet needs on my homestead with items that I already have is one of the joys that I love to experience, because it makes me feel like I’m doing my part in this world. Knowing that I’m not chucking as much into the garbage to be carted off to the local landfill, well, it just makes me happy.

I got this idea a few weeks back from another blogger, Crafty Journal, who linked up her Fingerless Gloves post to the From the Farm Blog Hop. I liked them so much that I went through my sock drawer to find a pair that I could transform–and then genius struck. I found a few pairs of mid-calf socks that upon each wear, strangled my calves in such an uncomfortable way. To make them doubly uncomfortable, I had worn out the toes in them fairly quickly. They were perfect candidates for my new hand warmers! Here’s how I made them.

Upcycle Your Old Socks Into Hand Warmers

First, I gathered my socks and a good pair of sewing scissors (these are my favorites). Next, I cut the “foot” part of the sock off, just above the heel.

Old Socks to Handwarmers Upcycle - The Mind to Homestead

Next—this part might be weird to try to understand—I put my hand into the sock to measure where the thumb hole would need to be be cut. I did this by pulling the sock onto my hand and wrist, and positioning the top of the sock on my fingers, covering as much finger length as I would want covered. I eyed where I would need to make the thumb hole cut (you can make a small mark with a pen if you need to). I then removed the sock, pinched the sock in half where I would cut it, then made a half inch cut through the folded layers.

Old Socks to Handwarmers Upcycle - The Mind to Homestead

This is how my first arm warmer looked when it was finished. As you can see, there was no need to make the hole any larger than about an inch because it really does stretch large enough for the thumb to get through.

Old Socks to Handwarmers Upcycle - The Mind to Homestead


What if I don’t have long socks?

If you only have ankle-length socks available, no problem, they work too. These will be wonderful hand warmers, and are best worn on cold days with long sleeves.

Old Socks to Handwarmers Upcycle - The Mind to Homestead

Again, cut the foot off of your sock, above the heel. I found it quickest to lay the cut piece on top of the uncut sock so that I wouldn’t have to do any measuring to make sure they turned out the same size.

Old Socks to Handwarmers Upcycle - The Mind to Homestead

I used the same method as before to measure where the thumb hole would go, and again, I laid the first one on top of the second piece to quickly duplicate the cut.

Old Socks to Handwarmers Upcycle - The Mind to Homestead

Here’s how they turned out! Cute!

Old Socks to Handwarmers Upcycle - The Mind to Homestead

Either pair of these hand warmers can be used all around your homestead, even for your dirtiest chores. Depending on how well made your socks are, they will last through many uses and many washes. And the best part is, they were free. Actually, they were better than free, because they were made from what most people would call trash.

Old Socks to Handwarmers Upcycle - The Mind to Homestead

What’s your favorite way to upcycle? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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  1. says

    OMGosh I love this! I’m a very “NO-SEW” kinda person. Not sure why my grandmother’s absolute love of sewing skipped my genetics but for whatever reason it did. I’m off to give this a try – THANK YOU!

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~
    Wolfe City, Texas

    • says

      I’m so glad you could use this information! I just love how quick and easy quickly these can be made, they are perfect when you need quick and easy hand protection!

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